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DFW Airport Employee Parking Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Parking Privileges?
Parking privileges are designed to allow employees to enter and park in the Central Terminal Area (CTA) of DFW Airport to perform their duties without being charged for parking if so authorized, or have paid the appropriate fees as outlined in the Schedule of Charges. Parking is granted for Terminal garages only (not Express, Remote or Valet Parking). Employees are NOT exempt from parking fees when parking for personal reasons, but parking privileges will exempt employees from parking fees based on business need. 
Is a credit card backed NTTA toll tag required for employee entry to the airport?

A credit card backed NTTA toll tag is required if you are authorized to park in the Central Terminal Area (CTA). The only toll free entry is through your NTTA toll tag and you must have it identified in your on-line Parking Privilege Application before you use it or you will be responsible for all charges. A toll tag is NOT required to park in the Employee Parking Lot. 
Who can apply for parking privileges?
In order to qualify for parking privileges, your job must have a business need for you to park in the Terminal (Revenue Area).  
What types of Parking Privileges are available?
-       24-hour – Provides for 24 consecutive hours of free parking in the public parking area (Revenue Area). 
-       30-Day – Provided to Executive Level Management. 
-       Crossover Gate Access – Based on business justification, this grants access to use the various crossover gates to enter or exit the Terminals. Applicants are required to provide justification of Business Need for the privilege. SRD devices are now being reserved for           use by Board vehicles. Company/Personal vehicles should have an NTTA toll tag. 

How many cars can I register with Parking Privileges?

You may register up to two (2) vehicles and both vehicles must have a credit card backed NTTA toll tag. 
The only exception to this is if your company has a large number of vehicles and your company has been granted approval to enter multiple vehicles on one application (up to 10). 

PLEASE NOTE: Providing a license plate for use by anyone other than the applicant may result in the forfeiture of parking privileges for a minimum of one year, and the applicant being held responsible for accrued parking fees. 
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What if I don’t have an NTTA Toll Tag?
You must be a credit card backed NTTA Toll Tag holder. You must also indicate what your toll tag number is when applying for parking and you must receive an email from the Employee Parking Office stating your information is updated or any fees accessed prior to that will be your responsibility. This will allow you to use the Toll Tag lanes at DFW Airport without being charged. If at any time you DO NOT want to use your toll tag, log onto your NTTA account and disable it for the airport. You will be responsible for all toll tag charges if you failed to annotate your choice correctly. 

PLEASE NOTE: The license plate indicated on your application must match the license plate registered with the NTTA.
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What if I have a temporary tag?
When entering or updating your vehicle information:
-       For Texas registered vehicles you will enter the license plate number associated with the temporary license plate (the paper tag). 
-       For all other states you will need to use the last 8-digits of the vehicles identification number (VIN).
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What if I change vehicles, license plates or tolltag?
Access the Parking Privilege Application on-line through www.dfwairport.com and indicate the license plate/tolltag to be removed and the new license plate/tolltag to be added. 
What if I received a confirmation email however I was still charged upon exiting the Airport?
-     If your application has been processed more than 24 hours prior to the date of exit, you may inform the cashier that you have parking privileges.  The cashier will consult with their Management team and will determine if they can process you without payment.  If not, the cashier           will inform you of your other options.  
-     If you have received an Insufficient Funds (ISF), or are erroneously charged immediately contact your departmental authorizer to submit a request for adjustments 
What if I keep getting emails about either needing to send documentation to the Employee Parking Office, or any other issues that prevent my application from being completely processed?
You have received these emails because there is an issue with your application, i.e., vehicles not registered to you, NTTA tag not in NTTA system, vehicle not in NTTA system, vehicle with out-of-state registration, etc. You need to immediately make corrections or provide the requested documentation within 3 business day.  If no response has been received after 5 business days, your application will be deleted.  You will be responsible for any parking fees that occur until the matter is resolved.
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Can I park at the Airport and fly out of town using my privileges? 
No, you will be held responsible for all charges.
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How do I contact your office? 

Office Number: 972 973 8040

Office Email:     prkpri@dfwairport.com

Location:          Terminal B, Upper Level curbside near B26 (enter the Terminal at B23, turn right, and the office is down the hall on the right)

Hours:              Monday – Thursday:              8:00 am – 4:00 pm

                         Friday:                                    8:00 am – noon

                         Closed all airport holidays:     New Year’s Day

                                                                        Memorial Day

                                                                        Independence Day

                                                                        Labor Day

                                                                        Thanksgiving and the following Friday

                                                                        Christmas Day
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