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Fire Training Schedule

Smoke at DFW

If you happen to see fire and burning activity at DFW Airport, it is our state-of-the-art Fire Training Research Center in action. During our training periods, you will see black smoke as a result of these training fires. Below, you will find the schedule for those training periods. 


The DFW Fire Training Research Center trains fire fighters locally, nationally and internationally in the specialty of airport / aircraft fire fighting. We use many different aircraft-designed mock-ups, and purposely ignite the mock-ups to train these fire fighters. During training periods you will see black smoke as a result of these training fires. The rising smoke that you see quickly dissipates into the atmosphere which is a way to know the smoke you see is from the training fires. The DFW FTRC uses clean burning propane and a liquid fuel called E-III – both are environmentally friendly. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) continually monitors the training fires to ensure state and federal guidelines are followed. 

Fire Training Facility Image

Fire Training Schedule

November Training Dates
Nov 15: 9am - 5pm
Nov 16: 8am - 5pm
Nov 17: 9am - 4pm
Nov 18: 9am - 4pm
Nov 27: 8am - 4pm
Nov 28: 8am - 5pm
Nov 29: 8am - 5pm
Nov 30: 8am - 5pm

December Training Dates
Dec 1:   9am - 4pm
Dec 5:   8am - 5pm
Dec 6:   8am - 5pm
Dec 7:   8am - 5pm
Dec 8:   8am - 3pm
Dec 11: 8am - 5pm
Dec 12: 8am - 4pm
Dec 13: 8am - 5pm
Dec 14: 8am - 3pm
Dec 15: 8am - 12noon
Dec 18: 9am - 1pm
Dec 19: 8am - 5pm
Dec 20: 8am - 5pm
Dec 21: 8am - 5pm

*Training occurs nearly every day at our Fire Training Research Facility. Smoke activity will be visible near the southwest end of the Airport. We will continue to update this page with the most accurate scheduled dates. Please note changes can occur at any time and research activity may also extend past the scheduled times.
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