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Parking Availability

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Terminal A

A1-A39Open$24/DayFri 3:49 pm
A26-A39FULL$24/DayThu 10:12 am

Terminal B

B1-B13Open$24/DayFri 3:49 pm
B14-B25Closed$24/DayFri 3:49 pm
B26-B39Open$24/DayFri 3:49 pm

Terminal C

C1-C14Open$24/DayFri 3:49 pm
C15-C25Open$24/DayFri 3:49 pm
C26-C39Open$24/DayFri 3:49 pm

Terminal D

Terminal DOpen$24/DayFri 3:49 pm

Terminal E

E1-E9Open$24/DayFri 3:49 pm
E10-E18Open$24/DayFri 3:49 pm
E19-E38Closed$24/DayFri 3:50 pm

DFW Airport Valet

Location Status Rate Updated
Terminal A Open $29/day Fri 8:42 pm
Terminal B Open $29/day Fri 8:42 pm
Terminal C Open $29/day Fri 8:42 pm
Terminal D Open $29/day Fri 8:42 pm
Terminal E Open $29/day Fri 8:42 pm

Express North

CoveredOpen$12/DayFri 3:50 pm
Open AirFULL$12/DayFri 3:50 pm

Express South

Express SouthOpen$12/DayFri 3:50 pm

Remote North

Remote NorthOpen$10/DayFri 3:50 pm

Remote South

Remote SouthOpen$10/DayFri 3:50 pm

*Please note that parking availability is subject to change. This status does not guarantee parking availability. Parking at DFW Airport is limited to 90 days. All vehicles parked longer than 90 days will be towed off-airport.

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Please note parking availability is subject to change - this status does not guarantee availability.

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Please allow three to five days for processing before attempting to pay the citation.
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